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About Camo Vase
Calling all hunters! Whether your out hunting big game or looking to bring home Thanksgiving dinner, Camo Vase
is the only camouflaging device you'll ever need. For use in tree stands or ground blinds, the superior protection Camo Vase provides is what you want.

What is Camo Vase?
Camo Vase is for use in tree stands or ground blinds. Hunters will enjoy the accessibility of this camouflaging device. It is lightweight and easy-to-use, allowing for quick on-site installation.

What makes Camo Vase better than other camouflaging devices?

When in position in a tree stand or ground stand, a hunter's features are silhouetted, allowing for easy detection from behind. Camo Vase prevents this by creating a nature-scape barrier; a deer or other animal will see only branches and leaves rather than the backside of the hunter and will advance without fear or suspicion, allowing the hunter optimal opportunity for a shot.

How does Camo Vase work?

At the setup site, Camo Vase can be easily screwed into the trunk of a tree. Because individual conditions and preferences may vary, Camo Vase can be installed at the height that best suits the hunter. Once installed, the hunter inserts natural or manufactured branches with leaves, creating a temporary foliage shield.

What is the best thing about Camo Vase?

Unlike other blind or camouflaging techniques, Camo Vase is entirely self-contained. It can be installed and removed quickly and simply, without the need for additional cords, brackets, nuts or bolts.  The device consists of a 3" pipe welded to a 1/4" x 3" lag bolt. The pipe has six 1/2" holes drilled through for inserting branches. Camo Vase is light, compact and easily fits in pockets or packs.

Camo Vase

  • fits easily into pockets or packs                                               
  • provides superior camouflage
  • no additional bolts or brackets needed
  • lightweight, easy to install

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